Oregon Congressional Candidate Mike Erickson Featured on ABC’s KATU Your Voice, Your Vote

Oregon Congressional Candidate Mike Erickson is Featured on ABC’s KATU Your Voice, Your Vote. He focused on concerns about inflation and supply chain issues.


Mike Erickson, a Republican candidate for Oregon’s Sixth Congressional District, was a featured guest on ABC’s KATU Your Voice, Your Vote. The episode aired on May 8.

During the interview with KATU reporter Deborah Knapp, Erickson shared what he wants to accomplish in Congress. Erickson, who started and operates AFMS Logistics, a supply chain company in Tigard, Oregon, plans to bring this expertise to the U.S. House of Representatives.

The candidate is concerned about the effect of skyrocketing inflation. “Our daily lives are just so much more expensive than they were a year or two years ago,” Erickson said. “We’ve got to get our energy prices for farmers and families under control.”

Inflation is affecting everything, but one of the most noticeable is the price of gas and oil. Our energy prices have gone up, Erickson commented. This hurts the supply chain, small businesses, farmers, and more.

Erickson explains that a twenty-foot shipping container coming from Asia to the United States used to cost around $3,000, and now it is as high as $20,000. “When retailers or electronic shops order items from overseas, they used to wait about three weeks. It now takes around 110 days to ship products anywhere in Asia to the West Coast. Unbelievable,” he adds.

He suggests closely looking at policies influencing supply chain issues and getting our countries energy independent again.

As an owner of a small business, Erickson hopes to be the voice that is needed in Washington D.C.

About Mike Erickson: Mike Erickson is the founder and President of AFMS, a 30-year Tigard supply chain, and logistics consulting firm. He resides in Clackamas County with his wife (a nurse) and two children.  www.MikeEricksonforCongress.org